Friday, November 24, 2006

Surrealism Part II

... is coming up on this Sunday's WordPlay.

Last Sunday (scroll down to listen) Sebastian, Glenis and I began a discussion of Surrealism, dug into its roots in spiritualism, and read poetry by Andre Breton and Jean Follain, among others. Breton, of course, was a founder of the movement, and author of the "Surrealist Manifesto" of 1924. We'll look again at the Surrealist project this week, and read some more Surrelaist poetry, some by American poets. I'll be bringing some Philip Lamantia, and others will bring ... well, who knows?

With any luck, we'll get to Oulipo.

It's bound to be lively. Hope you'll join us.

(Cross-posted at NatureS. The portrait captures Andre Breton in 1930)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Tomorrow: Thomas Rain Crowe

Thomas Rain Crowe joins us tomorrow on WordPlay to continue our discussion of music and poetry; this week we get to hear a little of Thomas with the BoatRockers, the musical group with which he sometimes performs. The program's at 4:00, and will be rebroadcast Tuesday at 6:00 PM and Wednesday at 7:00 AM at 103.5 FM locally, or on the web; it'll be available as a download from the Archive page beginning Monday morning. Hope you'll join us.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Boatrockers making waves

Airwaves, that is. Thomas Rain Crowe writes to say:
Yo.... Check it out. TRC & The Boatrockers will be on WNCW "Local Color" program on Friday night at 9:00pm in a live studio session.

If you miss this broadcast, you can catch it on a rebroadcast on Nov. 12, Sunday, at 7:00pm.

Mark your calendars and tell your friends and family, and pass the word.

Word passed. You can also listen live from the station's site,

Thomas will also be joining us on WordPlay this Sunday at 4:00 PM on WPVM, 103.5FM, or streaming from the station's website at; the program will be available via podcast beginning Monday November 6th. No Boatrockers (we'll hear them next week), but good poems and good conversation with Sebastian Matthews.

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