Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Gary Snyder on WordPlay

Back in April Gary Snyder came to Hickory for a reading at Lenoir-Rhyne College, so fellow poet Thomas Rain Crowe and I headed down the mountain to hear what he had to say. Though we'd both read his new work as it had appeared through the years, neither of us had heard him since the 70s. Snyder gave us permission to record for the show, so this week we feature excerpts from that April reading, and a rare clip of him reading in 1965, as well.

The show will be rebroadcast tomorrow morning at 7:00, but you can always listen from the Archive page; just scroll down to the WordPlay link and stream away, or download the podcast.

We're working with the station web master to create a new feature for WordPlay, by the way: a permanent online archive of some of our best shows. When we've worked it all out, this one will be likely be there.

August 6th Update: Sebastian and Laura were both out of commission yesterday, so I decided to play the Snyder reading again - so it's held over, and will be available for another week.


I took the photo of Gary Snyder and Thomas Rain Crowe at the reception following Snyder's reading in Hickory. There are more here, over on Facebook (no membership required).

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