Saturday, July 05, 2014

Celebrating H.D. with Annette Debo

One of my favorite Wordplay shows this year featured the awesome Annette Debo, who teaches at Western Carolina University, discussing and sharing her work on the great modernist poet H.D. Her new edition of H.D.'s Within the Walls and What Do I Love will be out in September - not before, hopefully, we can do a follow-up show - and now she's been named one of the best teachers in the UNC system to boot.

You can find the original show from February 23 right here. And I enjoyed it so much I cued it up for a replay a couple of weeks ago; that lightly-edited version of the show is now up at this link. Enjoy!

The photo catches Annette in back of the wintery Westville Pub, just before we went in for a celebratory pint.

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